Destiny Offers Suros Pre-Order Bonus for DLC

Bungie have confirmed the existence of a SUROS Arsenal Pack. This offer will be available to all players outside the United States and is included in the pre-order of the $40 and $60 editions (not just the Collectors Edition.) If you have already pre-ordered a qualifying edition, you will receive this pack, too.

Included in the pack is a Suros shader for your characters, a Fire Emblem, an Auto Rifle, Pulse Rifle and Scout Rifle. The stats for each of these weapons is unconfirmed at this point.

You can click on the image on the left to get a better look at what you will be receiving, should you pre-order the DLC. 

Early access to Suros Arsenal Pack is available starting 09.15.15. Suros Arsenal Pack can be attained by pre-order of digital and physical editions of Destiny: The Taken King or by the purchase of the digital or physical Collector’s Edition. Suros Arsenal Pack can also be attained through gameplay starting on 01.01.16. Suros Arsenal Pack is not exclusive to any retailer or platform. Subject to availability.
— Bungie

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