Demon's Score out now!

Square Enix have released another game for iOS. Using the Unreal Engine 3 to produce stunning graphics on your iPad, iPhone, or iPod touch; DEMONS’ SCORE delivers an exciting action game with fast, touch-based gameplay. Check out the Available Now Trailer below:

The game begins as Serenity, an unassuming college girl visits the laboratory mansion that represents her father’s last known whereabouts. From the opening cinematic it’s revealed that her father had sent, at least to Serenity, an uncharacteristically frantic email and the doting daughter is looking to find out just what exactly has been going on.

When Serenity arrives at the mansion she finds an imprisoned David a (once human) loudmouth whose soul appears imprisoned in a stuffed bear. At the start David unsuccessfully cautions Serenity not to proceed haphazardly, but then continues to lead her ever closer to her father’s laboratory, as well as teach her a little about the demons she’s sure to encounter. You see, a gateway to hell has been opened, and as Serenity moves forward she comes across new and more powerful demon spawn that have made their way through to the human realm.

Serenity is now tasked to take-on and defeat these demons if she has any chance of saving her dad in time. After defeating her first demon, Asmodeus (demon lord of rage and desire), Serenity comes in contact with the Demons’ Score, a combination of ancient rites and rituals diagramed into a phone application, imprinting the user with the spirit and powers of the demon it came from. Imbued with newfound power, Serenity as Asmodeus continues throughout the estate seeking her father.

At first only Easy mode is available, but that may be a great comfort to even veteran rhythm fans who need at least a couple tries to get used to the combination of moves and attacks you can deliver through DEMONS’ SCORE touch-system including timed taps, double and triple taps, directional swipes, drag and release, two-finger strikes, rapid fire and even rapid strike attacks. Each mode defeated unlocks the next, as well as new demons to tackle, and HARD mode features a total of 10 demon challenges and 10 Demons’ Score skins to don and play.

Timing is critical in this rhythm challenge, and HARD mode demands precise action or players lose HP. The challenge level is high in DEMONS’ SCORE and it’ll take some fast fingers and a close ear to the beat to complete the final mode even with the best demon powers at your disposal. There are a lot of great and, oftentimes, quirky tracks to enjoy, and the line-up of composers is pretty substantial:

Kohei Tanaka (Dragon Ball, Oh My Goddess!, Dirty Pair, One Piece)/Kenji Ito (SaGa series, World of Mana Series)
Hiroki Kikuta (Concerto Gate, Secret of Mana)/Yoko Shimomura (Breath of Fire, Front Mission, Super Mario RPG, KINGDOM HEARTS)
Keiichi Okabe (Nier, Tekken Series)
Kenichi Maeyamada (Momokurotei Ichimon, Remixes for Anime and J-Pop Musicians) 
Hirokazu Koshio (Space Invaders Extreme)
Shohei Tsuchiya (Groove Coaster)
Takamichi Yashiki (The Black Eyed Peas Experience)
Hidenori Iwasaki (Vagrant Story, Front Mission series)
Ryo Yamazaki (FINAL FANTASY Crystal Chronicles: The Crystal Bearers, Fantasy Earth: Zero Chronicles)

Some of your demon encounters include a romantic Italian Composer, a funky disco DJ, a disgusting Teen Pop Idol, a brooding Samurai, and a psychotic flying Iron Maiden! Things get pretty interesting and, depending on what Demons’ Score you utilize, the dialogue, actions, and difficulty vary. You can acquire new Demons’ Scores with in-app purchase at $2.99 for Eligos, Berial, Berith, and Lilith, $3.99 for more advanced demons Beelzebub, Astaroth and $4.99 for Dantalion.

The game is out now on iTunes for $6.99 and will arrive on Android (NVIDIA Tegra 3 processors only) soon. If you’re a rhythm game fan or you’re up for a challenging game on your iOS device, you won’t be disappointed.