Dead Space 3 to Include Micro-Transactions

Dead Space 3 will allow players to use real money to purchase in game currency - known as resources - which in turn will make it possible to buy weapons.

There is an option that states "downloadable content" when the required in-game resources were not yet available to acquire a specified weapon. The game would basically state "Cannot craft. Additional resources required". Pretty standard, right? Wrong. 

Whilst these resources can be obtained by regular play of the game by being picked up by the player, picked up by scavenger bots you send out, or alternatively bought through a quick purchase from the in-game store, they can now also be purchased by the impatient gamer with money to burn. Dead Space 3 associate producer, Yara Khoury, said:

"You can buy resources with real money, but scavenger bots can also give you the currency that you can use on the marketplace, So you don't have to spend [real world] dollars."

"There are a lot of weapon parts that are only available to buy later in the game, Unless you're playing through it again on New Game Plus."

Khoury was unable to say how much the micro-transactions would cost, but she referred to several different packs of in-game currency being available.

Dead Space 3 will be released February 8 for Xbox 360, PS3 and PC.