Dead Rising 3 Screenshots Revealed


Below are some new screens from Dead Rising 3 on Xbox One. The screenshots show off the game's special 'combo vehicles' for the first time.

The Dead Rising 3 sandbox will expand by empowering players to create a huge variety of Combo Vehicles, like the devastating RollerHawg - a hybrid between a motorcycle and Steamroller with flamethrower attachments.
— Microsoft

Dead Rising 3's open world is said to be bigger than Dead Rising and Dead Rising 2 combined. The game will also have special missions that are unlocked when the player uses Xbox SmartGlass through their phone or tablet device.

Check out the screenshots below. Dead Rising 3 will be a day one launch. If you're reading this through Appy Gamer, you may need to load up the page to view the gallery. Leave your thoughts in the comments below!