Dead Rising 3 Co-Op Details


Capcom has revealed some new details regarding Dead Rising 3’s co-op mode.

In co-op you can take advantage of special vehicles specifically designed to be operated by two people, including one that allows you to strike down lightning upon the zombies.

Beyond that, co-op feels a lot like playing Dead Rising 3 does normally. The game’s hero, Nick Ramos, is joined by Dick, who, despite the name, is more than just a palate swap of the protagonist.

Unlike Nick, who is a mechanic, Dick is a big-rig truck driver who happened to stop in on “the wrong diner on the wrong day.” Dick doesn’t just show up in co-op, he has a presence throughout the whole game, though he isn’t necessarily alongside you unless there’s another person playing with you. 

On top of that, if you join a friend in their game and complete a level, then when you return to your own game that stage will show as complete. However, you’ll still have to beat the levels leading up to that point, if you haven't already, but once you get there you’ll be able to skip any of the content previously completed in someone else’s game.

It has also been confirmed that the game’s Psychopaths are based on the seven deadly sins; Lust, Gluttony, Greed (Seen Above), Sloth, Wrath, Envy and Pride. 

Dead Rising 3 is an Xbox One exclusive due out at launch on November 22nd. You can check out a map below. Let us know your thoughts in the comments!