DC Universe Online Receives "Home Turf" DLC Release Date and Trailer

DC Universe Online is still pumping out new content for heroes and villains to enjoy. The upcoming 6th DLC update named ‘Home Turf’ will be available next week.

Home Turf will provide players with a place to "hang their cape," said creative director Jens Andersen in a presentation of the DLC today. Free-to-play users will have access to personal hideouts, while subscription players can settle into more elaborate lairs.

The trailer touches on ‘The Mainframe’ which “allows players to unlock powerful, upgradeable devices and research mods to use in combat”. Both Heroes and villains will have access to “Backups and Henchmen”, a necessity for any crime-stopper or crime-spree. There will also be Sidekicks and Accomplices to assist players in battles.

Hideouts can be decorated with objects players find out in the world, all of which are added to their Base Inventory. Items can be stuck to glowing attach points on the floor, ceiling and walls, and oriented to players' liking. Players will need to place 20 items on markers in new hideouts to unlock free placement mode, which will allow them to put anything anywhere in the room.

Lairs are different from hideouts in that they have more elaborate uses. Lairs include objects players can interact with, not just decorations. These amenities include everything from sparring targets, personal brokers, soda vending machines and bank access points. They will also have multiple levels, as opposed to one-floor hideouts, and extra accouterments such as power generators.

The update will go live on January 29, 2013 on PC  PS3, and The PlayStation 3 version will launch in Europe the following day.