DayZ Public Safety Warning

We here at KJBcast love the ultra realistic, post-apocalyptic zombie survival simulator that is DAYZ. If you haven’t managed to play the game you should check out our handy set up guide.

For the rest of you, we come with a warning. It’s not the zombies you need to watch out for anymore. Gangs of human players have begun to trap and trick unsuspecting players who are under attack from zombies.

If you're playing and see a helicopter piloted by two guys in ghillie suits, stay away, DO NOT! climb aboard, even if your being hunted by a horde of Zombies Because as soon as you are sitting down and the chopper is airborn they will transport you to "Schadenfreude Island," 14 kilometers off shore.

Once you have been transported to the island, you are kicked out and left alone.  The worst part is you soon realise that there is no respawn buttons. You'll be stuck there idling until your character finally dies of malnutrition.

In the video that we have posted below shows an example of one such attack on an unsuspecting DayZ player. We can hear the commentary from two of the griefers:

"Don't get on the chopper in 1524,” says one.


DayZ, the post-apocalyptic griefing scenario for douchebags,"  said the other.


If you still need convincing to play this game you should read our review of the DayZ Mod!