DayZ Developers Release Update on Standalone

The DayZ devs have released an update regarding the standalone game. They've delt with some pretty impressive points, which makes us think that this game will be even better than expected. 

They've made some improvements to the lighting and materials in the game. Mario Kurty, one of the lead artists, has been working with some of the ArmA3 artists to ensure that DayZ Standalone has the best visuals possible. They said:

The result is pretty striking when combined with some of the other improvements we have made in the engine. These improvements make the world really come to life, improving the visuals overall. 

The Volumetric Cloud system has now been fully configured for use within DayZ, used to great effect in Bohemia’s previous product Take on Helicopters (and coming in ArmA3 also). It adds a real sense of realism when compared with the previous result.

Contrary to some who say DayZ will be releasing with no anti-hack mechanisms, one of the key things they are doing with development is entirely redeveloping how the engine works. DayZ’s game servers will function like servers in other MMO style games, that is the server will control the behavior and the sending of updates. No longer will your machine receive all the updates allowing their analysis by various cheats.

They are dealing with spawning all zombies and loot at the start of server initialization, again a huge departure from the previous mechanism. This solves many design and technical issues with the spawning andrespawning of equipment, such as being able to tell whether players are in a village by seeing zombie’s havespawned.

Clothing/Inventory have now been completed to a basic level, you can put on and drop various items of clothing. These items can have diseases on them, and they have durability and other attributes. 

They have now begun their internal closed testing and have been working with Valve to ensure that their new server browser system is working. They utilized Steam for this purpose rather than Gamespy as for ArmA2. The Server/Client architecture needs to be fully implemented before they will begin our public testing.

A huge quantity of changes are flowing into the world. New areas, a mass of new objects (such as wrecked vehicles, buses, etc…) that are all designed with DayZ in mind - such as having good areas for loot to spawn. They have been busy bug fixing to redesigning of buildings such as the general store, and onto entirely new buildings and areas. 

When it comes to Customizing your Character they have said that the design has now really improved. They are also starting on vehicle customization and then they will focus on base building at the end of the year. Players will be allowed to select the gender and race of their character. Beyond this, allowing ways for your character to become your own will be a huge factor, from getting tattoo’s to finding unique clothing items and trying to deal with your own health aliments.

You will also be able to customize your weapons. You can get weapon attachments now, too. You must load the magazine with ammunition and then it is considered an attachment to the weapon. The quantity and condition of your magazines will be particularly important in the standalone. Look after them!

They don’t know a release date yet. They said in the blog:

We’re going to take our time. I feel fantastic about the situation, more than ever I feel like we’re doing something really interesting with this development. Now is not the time to rush things, but we do need to ensure our pace is kept up. Our development blog and getting players in and testing as soon as possible will be key in ensuring we succeed in making this a great game.

This game looks amazing so far. We are really looking forward to it. Let us know your thoughts in the comment section.