DayZ creator speaks on future of standalone game

The creator of hugely popular and hugely fun ARMA II zombie-survival mod DayZ, Dean 'Rocket' Hall, has further expanded upon his hope for the soon-to-be standalone game.

Speaking to PC Gamer magazine in an interview, Hall has stated that one of his chief concerns will be security. This should come as welcome news to fans, as for each video of in-engine griefing that appears on YouTube, you can bet that there is another of a hack forcing players to dance as they're gunned down. Check it out if you don't believe me.

Hall said that one of his paramount plans "is being able to take on the hacking. It’s something that you never completely solve, you just have to keep on at it. ARMA, as you know, is a very trusting engine, because that’s what it was designed to do." The new DayZ game will be a fresh start. The restrictions imposed upon it will be of the developer's design, as opposed to the flaws inherent within the ARMA engine. This should strike many as very, very good news.

Hall went on to elaborate on the release date, saying that "If we don’t have something out, say, before Christmas, then something’s gone wrong." Considering how long as it has been since the standalone announcement, this is pretty short space of time. Here's hoping they can deliver.