Could Lego Portal be on the Way?

Fan campaign through Cuusoo label for Lego set based on Valve's puzzle series reaches requisite 10,000 supporters, now headed to Lego officials for consideration. Valve keeps players thinking with Portals with its popular first-person puzzle franchise, but soon fans may be able to start building with them--and some well-placed Lego bricks. The fan-started the campaign for an official Lego Portal set through the toy maker's Cuusoo Kickstarter-esque label has reached the required 10,000 supporters, and is now headed to Lego adjudicators for official consideration.

Those interested in Chell minifigures and brick-based Portal guns may want to temper their enthusiasm, as a number of hurdles remain before the idea can become a reality. Not only would the set need to be approved by Lego officials, but Valve which owns the Portal property would need to sign off on the endeavour. If approved and manufactured, a Lego Portal set would follow the likes of Minecraft in receiving the brick treatment. Only time will tell if this happens fingers crossed it does.