Castle Crashers coming to Steam


A PC port of multiplayer side scrolling beat 'em up Castle Crashers has been announced by developer Behemoth, who excitedly declared that the Steam version was "almost here!"

The first playable version is at Gamescon right now. Behemoth have said that "This is our first time at the event, and we're sending our very own John Baez to the show all by himself!" The Steam version will also be playable at PAX in two weeks time.

Originally released on the Xbox in 2008, Castle Crashers got a PS3 port in 2010. The new Steam-playable game will come with features such as Steam Cloud support, integrated voice chat, both local and online multiplayer and achievements. No release date has so far been set but with the game being playable at PAX we probably won't have to wait too long.