Bungie to Discuss Project "Destiny" at GDC

Bungie will discuss its all-new and still-unannounced franchise, which is believed to be titled Destiny, in late March during a 2013 Game Developers Conference talk at the Moscone Center in San Francisco, California.

Bungie writer and design director Joe Staten and art director Christopher Barrett will lead the discussion, titled "Brave New World: New Bungie IP." The talk will focus on Bungie's design process and world-building techniques, running from concept to production.

The Destiny leaks last year suggested a "fun and accessible" multi-platform project, set in the future and featuring a large-scale war between man and alien. Having been teased with Destiny and its iconography for months now, we expect to see just how Bungie's new universe is shaping up at their talks at GDC.

Destiny was actually hinted way back in Halo ODST and the only really solid piece of information we've heard to date is that Sir Paul McCartney and Bungie working together in a new project, which we can only assume is Destiny.