Borderlands 2 DLC Coming Next Week

Gearbox has now officially confirmed "Borderlands 2: Captain Scarlett and Her Pirate’s Booty" downloadable content. The pack will be available on October 16th. This is the first of 4 schedualed DLC packs between now and June 2013. Gearbox Software president Randy Pitchford said:

“You can sense the pirate theme across the landscape, even though there’s no water. It’s all dried up. It feels more like Tatooine than an ocean. These bandits have really embraced the pirate lifestyle, and there’s the legend of a treasure. That kicks off this whole adventure that the players can go on.”

The new campaign tasks players with battling new enemies like sand worms, hovering across the terrain in the new sand skiff vehicle and collecting a new currency called seraph crystals. Pitchford said the new campaign was designed with all players in mind — from those who haven’t finished the game to the elite who are replaying it again to discover more swag.

The add-on campaign is the first of four that Gearbox Software plans to release over the coming months. Each campaign will cost $9.99 each (or $29.99 for a season pass that includes all of the four DLC). Pitchford said other “Borderlands 2” downloadable content, such as the recently released Mechromancer class character Gaige, would be separately available.