Black Ops 2: Care Package Madness

It's clear that special editions are getting over the top. However, no one can top the Call of Duty Franchise. First they released working night vision goggles with MW2. MW3 had the release of a special edition full sized working Jeep, for only the wealthiest of gamers.

Now it seems Black ops 2 is trying to become the best special edition. Black ops 2 Care Package and Hardened Edition have been announced. The Care package which will set you back €200 but for that price you get a working remote controlled Quad-Copter that features in the game.

Also included in the Care Package:-


-Access to Nuketown 2025 and the Nuketown Zombie map

-Collectible steel book game with art book.

-The awesome looking box it all comes in

You won’t however get access to Call of Duty Elite, you will have to spend €60 on top of the €200 for the Carepackage which is a big shock to the system. The Care Package is confirmed as an exclusive GAME UK, No word yet if GameStop or Xtravision in Ireland will get the special edition. We will inform you as soon as we know.