Battlestar Galactica: Diaspora available now. For Free!

 I hope you all remember the awesomeness that was Battlestar Galactica, because the series that has thus far been totally ignored by developers has found it's gaming niche, with the final release of Diaspora: Shattered Alliance for PC.

The game is essentially a repackage of an old, old, space shooter, Freespace 2, but you don't need the original to play. The full Diaspora game is available free on the games website, as well as links on the video to follow.

The game puts you in the cockpit of a Mark VII Colonial Viper as you fight out fully three dimensional space-based dogfights with the invading Cylons. Diaspora also features full multiplayer, and the potential for some truly awesome player-designed levels and campaigns.

Check out the launch trailer below, with the links in the videos description.