Battlefield 4 DLC Announced as First on Xbox One


After a technical delay, DICE showed-off its Battlefield 4 DLC -- Second Assault -- at Microsoft's E3 press conference. Usually Call of Duty do offers like this, too. Now Xbox is the leading DLC experts for FPS DLC.

Second Assault takes place out at sea; the main characters are shown fighting their way through a sinking battleship. The graphics and details alone are incredible. Check out the video below for more info! 

Battlefield 4's multiplayer will feature a Commander Mode, EA has announced at E3, similar to the one seen back in Battlefield 2142. The mode will allow players to send commands out or deliver intel or artillery fire to five-man squads from tablets and other devices across Battlelog, in maps that will support up to 64 players at a time.

Battlefield 4 launches across several platforms this fall.