Battlefield 4 Beta!?

If you weren’t paying attention to the split second that EA’s Origin store made a little blunder we've got the news for you; they've announced that if you pre-order Medal of Honour:Warfighter costumers will receive exclusive access to Battlefield 4 Beta.

This was an interesting thing to offer since Battlefield 4 has yet to be officially confirmed by EA, but surely this confirms their previous statement of working on a new entry in the series, and the Origin listing appears to offer confirmation.

Once Origin spotted the mistake it stripped the store of any mention of the Battlefield 4 or the Beta access and have yet to confirm or deny the rumours. It is a twist in Battlefield marketing strategy as the game was known for taking their time and making a huge quality game that everyone can sink their teeth into. Are they looking to take on the Modern Warfare and release a new game every year or two?

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