Baldur's Gate: Enhanced Edition out today on PC, Delayed on Android, Mac, iPad

Baldur's Gate: Enhanced Edition is out today! But only on PC. The game goes live at 8pm GMT. The creative director, Trent Oster, confirmed via Twitter that you can buy and pre-load it now from the game's official website. The iPad version had a crash bug that prevented approval by Apple. It'll be a week late. Oster explained:

"iOS build had a game-stopper bug. With current estimate for App Store approval, that puts us into next week. We're doing all we can. We aren't going home until the new build is submitted. We've done a lot of builds and testing and we are close now.

The Android tablet build is trailing iOS. Our current crash is cross-platform, so the fixes are for all platforms. Legacy code bites again. We'll get Android done before Christmas. The list of supported devices might be very Nvidia skewed though."

Mac OSX approvals are taking even longer than on iOS, so it is hard to predict. PC is only launch date they can control. When asked about a possible iPhone build, He said BG:EE does work on the smartphone, but the buttons are simply too small to press. Later they can re-UI. He also confirmed on Twitter that Overhaul Games is also working on a cross-platform save-game solution but it's not finished yet.