Assassin's Creed: Unity Unveils Female Character

Ubisoft has today released a new CG trailer for Assassin's Creed: Unity, in which lead protagonist Arno finds himself tearing through the crowded streets of Paris in a bid to prevent newly unveiled key (but non-playable) character, Elise, from being beheaded.

An independent young noblewoman, Elise is looking to secure a place within the Templar dynasty during the turmoil of the French Revolution. However, she and Arno cross paths during Assassin's Creed: Unity's story, and the pair forge an unlikely bond.

There will also be a high quality figurine of 'Elise: The Fiery Templar' available for purchase, in addition to the 'Arno: The Fearless Assassin' figurine. Both are designed by Ubicollectibles and fit together to form a diorama. Each also comes packaged with DLC for Assassin's Creed: Unity and will release on October 14th.

As some of you may recall, there was some debate over this latest Assassin's Creed title due to the response that Ubisoft gave over the lack of female characters in the game. When questioned about the lack of females in the game, the response simply was that the studio "had to" cut female assassins from the co-op mode, because keeping them in would have doubled the cost of pretty much everything: "it's double the animations, double the voices, all that stuff, double the visual assets—especially because we have customizable assassins." Later they went on to say:

We recognize the valid concern around diversity in video game narrative. Assassin’s Creed is developed by a multicultural team of various faiths and beliefs and we hope this attention to diversity is reflected in the settings of our games and our characters.

Assassin’s Creed Unity is focused on the story of the lead character, Arno. Whether playing by yourself or with the co-op Shared Experiences, you the gamer will always be playing as Arno, complete with his broad range of gear and skill sets that will make you feel unique.

With regard to diversity in our playable Assassins, we’ve featured Aveline, Connor, Adewale and Altair in Assassin’s Creed games and we continue to look at showcasing diverse characters. We look forward to introducing you to some of the strong female characters in Assassin’s Creed Unity.
— - Ubisoft

The situation was handled rather poorly at first, but then rectified. This now appears to be Ubisoft's way of listening to the feedback. Does it warrant forgiveness from the fans? Let us know in the comments below. 

Assassin's Creed: Unity is due to launch for Xbox One, PS4 and PC worldwide on October 28th. You'll find the trailer, an image showing the Elise figurine and some new screens below.