Apple Announce iOS 7


Today at WWDC, Apple has announced iOS 7. As previously rumoured, the overall look of iOS 7 creates a significantly more "flat" appearance, in contrast to previous versions of Apple's mobile OS. The new layout is exceptionally crisp and clear throughout, and the interface has an almost frosted-glass look with translucent menus. Tilting your device with iOS 7 offers a 3D perspective, essentially allowing you to look behind open panes. CRAZY, but awesome.

Swiping up from the bottom of the device screen opens Control Center, a translucent menu filled with a number of settings buttons. From the menu, you can control brightness, play music, and even access a flashlight. New multitasking features will work with "every app," and simplifies the process by backing the apps out as panes, then allowing simple swipes between apps.

Air Drop has also made its way to iOS 7 finally, and sharing pictures and other files with nearby friends looks so easy. I use Air Drop on my Mac all the time and I love it, so I'm excited to see how it integrates between phones. 

Photography has updated, too. Now you can access filters in the camera app and switch shooting modes by swiping. 

The long-rumored iTunes Radio app will be free for all iOS users. The Spotify-like streaming music service will utilize advertisements, but iTunes Match subscribers will get an advertisment-free experience. The service attempts to analyze your musical tastes to serve up recommended tracks, taking advantage of the full iTunes music library.

They didn't go in to much detail, but Apple also announced a new system that seems to focus apps so that they don't use as much power. Apps you use quite often, like Facebook or Skype, will regularly update as normal, but apps you may check only time to time will only update at those times, and the rest will just push when wifi is strong or your doing stuff anyway. It basically is a clever way of enhancing all of your apps so that they won't drain your battery life. I know myself, and several other people and family, all complain about WhatsApp draining their battery when left in the background. Theoretically, this should solve that issue, or, at the very least, it should help reduce the amount of battery it drains. 

Finally, saving the best for last, there's no need to go in and manually update your apps any longer. The new App Store will automatically update all apps, which is a feature that has been requested since the dawn of the app store, iOS 7 will be available this fall for iPhone 4 and later, iPad 2 and later, iPad mini, and fifth-gen iPod Touch.