Gran Turismo 6 Confirmed


Sony announced today that Gran Turismo 6 is in development for the PS3 (and presumably PS4) and is targeted for a Holiday 2013 release. Games like this make me giddy for the future. The graphics are just.. wow. WOW.

The President of Polphony Digital and creator of the franchise, Kazunori Yamauchi, made the announcement today at an event celebrating 15 years of Gran Turismo at Silverstone in the UK.

I’d like to announce today that we are developing GT 6 for the holiday season this year on the PlayStation 3. The game engine will be renewed for GT6, we’ll be cleaning it up, making it smoother for the future.

The rendering engine will be completely renewed for GT 6, there will be a revamped Physics Engine, new suspension, tyre and aerodynamics modelling. We’ll have 200 more cars than Gran Turismo 5, with 1200 available at release. More cars will be released after launch, too.
— The President of Polphony Digital and creator of the franchise, Kazunori Yamauchi.

Ok, let's all take a moment to marvel in that number. 1200 cars. 1,200 cars in one game. Words cannot describe how amazing this actually is. I remember when there were 8 cars in a game, and you had a choice between red and blue and orange. When they introduced the first brand name cars in gaming, it was incredible. NOW THERE ARE 1200 CARS. All the cars and tracks from GT5 will be preserved and brought back. It will launch with 33 locations, 71 course layouts of which 19 will be brand new, and additional sets of new tracks will be released every month via DLC. There'll be a new course maker, and players will be encouraged to create their own racing communities and championships.

We'll keep you posted on this as more details are revealed. Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!