Hotline Miami 2


I've recently discovered Hotline Miami. This game just blew my mind straight away! There is so much that I absolutely love about this game. I'm starting a playthrough of it for the website to help people find the secrets and masks throughout the game.

I was so happy when I stumbled on to the fact that Hotline Miami 2 would be happening soon! I accidentally stumbled on to the information about a week so ago. I reached out to the creators for an interview regarding 2 and then, out of nowhere, they announced everything at GDC! I was too late. However, we still have loads of information for you, so it's not a total loss!

The big information is that the game is set during the 90s, not 80s. The game could also be released on PC and PS Vita on the same day. I tried playing the game in controller mode, but it was so awkward for me. I hope it is better on the Vita that it was with a normal controller. 

The developers have referred to this as "The Grand Finale", so it leaves little to the imagination regarding a possible Hotline Miami 3. However, they have previously mentioned DLC for Hotline Miami (1), so I'm assuming that Hotline Miami 2 DLC could also happen.

The game will feature parallel plots to the original game. The main character from the original game could also return as a non playable character, but they have officially said yes or no to that, yet.

That's all the news we really have to offer right now, but when we find out more we will let you know! I know I couldn't be any more excited to play this game. You can pick up the original here. Prepare yourselves to fall in love! This game is amazing. Let us know your thoughts in the comments below! We crave your feedback.