Apple Patents iPhone With Wraparound Display


I know we're a gaming news website, but sometimes we take on tech news and reviews, too. So, buckle up! This is a good'n.

Apple has filled for a new patent a wraparound styled display. This display can be seen in the demo image above! The idea is that the phone is basically all screen. Touch gestures and virtual buttons will replace the buttons on the current iPhone design.

The patent also mentions some built-in facial recognition software, as well as layers of flexible, see-through displays on top of one another so that it can produce different visuals (including 3D). It could probably be used as some sort of method of adding other information to an image or video, sort of like a HUD. It could basically augment your display. 

Another feature that blows me away is that they want to add these caps that you can take off and basically stick one phone to another. They would basically attach together with other Apple devices and become this insane machine. It feels like it was taken from some crazy sci-fi movie. I can see the setting now: A shady man opens his briefcase and looks around suspiciously. He takes out 4 different Apple products and sticks them together to order a pizza. 

Apple will also be adding a method for the phone to recognise if you're actually touching it or not. Obviously since the phone would just be one massive screen, it would need to know when you are and when you are not touching it. Apple have apparently come up with a way for the phone to detect how you are actually handling the machine. It will use cameras and facial recognition to figure out where to display it's content, and when to recognise a touch.

For more on this you can check out the official patent file by clicking here. It's pretty crazy. We'll keep you up to date on the whole process when we find out more! Let us know your thoughts on this futuristic machine in the comments below.