Metal Gear Solid 5


Hideo Kojima, head of Kojima Productions, announced during GDC that Metal Gear "Solid: Ground Zeroes" and "The Phantom Pain" are actually one in the same. Both names were leaked a while back but nobody really knew what was happening and everything was kept locked really tight, so this came as a really good surprise at GDC earlier. They both add together to form Metal Gear Solid 5. 

Hideo Kojima showed off a trailer (which you can see below) which is just mind blowing.

The game seems to be a continuation from Peace Walker, since the attack is seems to be in the base that was set up during MGS: PW. Snake is seen in hospital and Hideo Kojima revealed that he has been in a coma for the past 9 years.

The MGS5 trailer confirms that the game is in development for Xbox 360 and PS3, but it was just demoed on a PC so I can only assume it will be on PC, too.

However, some sad news follows this amazing story. David Hayter confirmed on Twitter that he would not be the voice of Solid Snake this time. It is such a shame as he really had the greatest voice. I will find it difficult adjusting to a new voice for such an iconic character. 

When asked if he was even offered the part he simply replied "Nope". Some fans of the series are going to be really upset by these turn of events! It makes no sense to make a game with Snake and not have the voice actor come in, but I'm sure some light will be shed on this over the next few days.

I personally am already put off this game a little bit. I think that if you're going to make a new story with such an iconic character, you bring the voice.

They did a live demo of MGS 5 at GDC, too. You can check that out below! The graphics are pretty damned impressive. Let us know your thoughts on all of this in the comments below.