Borderlands 2 introduces Krieg the Psycho


Yesterday the guys over at Machinima posted an awesome trailer for the new Borderlands 2 character that was rumoured last week.  

The trailer itself isn't so much to look at but it is still exciting. 2K have basically just found a way to hook me back in to Borderlands 2 for a while, which is nice. I really enjoyed Borderlands 2, and I'm still really excited for the 4th DLC to drop. This will hopefully pass some time while we wait.

The new anti-hero is called Krieg the Psycho, who is basically described as a high risk, high reward character. He specialises in melee attacks and his action skill Blood Axe Rampage sees him regaining health whenever he kills someone. Basically, he's a beast.

His three skill trees are Bloodlust (focusing on combo kill rewards), Mania (offering various rewards for the more damage you take), and Hellborn (which offers elemental bonuses, such as boosting your attack when you’re on fire). Krieg also has a stick of dynamite he can set off to revive himself if he falls in battle.

His download will be released sometime in May for 800 Microsoft Points (£6/€7/$10). Anybody going to download this Psycho? Let us know in the comments section below! You can check out the trailer below.