Next Xbox Won't Have Disk Support


Rumours have been circulating for months regarding the new Xbox. "What will it have? what won't it have? how big is it? what storage does it have?" and so forth. The latest leaks have suggested that the next Xbox (Durango? Xbox 720? Durango 720?) won't have disk support. like.. at all. None. 

This just creates so much rage inside me that I can't even figure out how to begin to explain it. Basically, Microsoft are so angry at piracy that they want to make a console that is completely anti-piracy (because that has work out well for so many before them). They are going to basically make a service somewhat like Steam where you get can get a code and that code is unique to your system. So, if you submit the code through your Durango 720 and that code then is locked to your machine. 

This is just such a stupid idea. The console itself will need an absolute BEAST of a hard drive. My 500GB hard drive on my laptop can barely withstand your average Steam sale. I have a massive case FILLED with Xbox games that I have collected over the years. I would need terabytes of space just to be able to cope with all of those games. This now means that I will have to selectively install the games I think I will want to play, somehow back up all my saves and then uninstall those games that are just taking space.

Another side to this is purchasing games. Will we still have to use those ridiculous MSP to purchase arcade games? All things considered, this console will have to now operate with a system that allows us to directly purchase things with our credit cards, which in turn opens a huge window for user details being stolen, much like what happened to Sony.. twice..

There is this new slogan flying around about the Xbox "Operation: Durango" 720 that just states: "Always-on, Always Connected" which to me means two things. 1, my electricity bill is going to be considerably higher once this machine comes out, and 2, this thing will need a constant internet connection to operate. Now, if this whole hullabaloo with EA and SimCity (or Blizzard and Diablo III) haven't raise enough eyebrows, then please think of this massive red flag waving in your face. Every single game on the 'Xborango 720' will need to be online. ALL of your single player games will need a constant connection to play! This may just break the internet when this becomes more common knowledge. 


Am I the only person out there who can see all of these giant red flags waving at us from the next console? The most annoying part for me currently is still this lack of disk support. I will want to play ALL of my 360 games on my 720 without having to buy them again AND without having to install them all to some hard drive. I like just putting in a disk and playing my game. Perhaps I'm just an older gamer who is set in his ways, but I mean, come on! I feel like we're trapped in the security age. A few million bad apples download some stuff illegally and suddenly it's a problem... wait...

Ok, so I can see where Microsoft are coming from. But there will ALWAYS be a way. They can make it so it only supports codes, and people will find a way around it. Microsoft can NOT out smart the hacking community. It's impossible! It's simply too many minds working for one goal. 

Maybe I'm over reacting. What do you guys think? Let me know in the comments below.