Civ V DLC Announced


Wow, just when it seems this game couldn't be any more addictive. This is one of those games that the guys and I play religiously (I'm sure there's a Civ V pun in there somewhere). For me it is up there with Minecraft and (currently) Skyrim. 

The DLC for the turn based strategy was announced yesterday by 2K Games. It will be developed by Firaxis Games. The expansion will be titled "Brave New World" and it plans to launch for Windows this summer at a killer $29.99 (roughly €25/£20). That price is almost enough to turn me off, considering how much the game costs, not including the stand-alone DLC "Gods & Kings". Although, you could just hang in there and catch it in one of the infamous Steam sales. You can usually get the game a lot cheaper, and the G&K DLC will be a fair price, too.

Aspyr Media will be handling the Mac port of the DLC, as they did with Civ V itself. The Mac version of the DLC is also set for a summer release, but it will probably be a little bit later than the windows version. But I'm sure that doesn't matter so much, since 90% of Mac gamers probably have Bootcamp anyway. For the 10% that don't, you won't be waiting much longer than the PC folk.

Brave New World will be introducing another 9 (yes, 9!) playable civilisations and 8 new Wonders. So far we've only heard of the Parthenon in Athens and Uffizi Gallery in Florence being added, but there will be 6 more.

There will be two new scenarios called "War Between the States" and "Scramble for Africa". "War Between the States" will let you play as the Union or Confederacy in the American Civil War and "Scramble for Africa" will make you compete with other world powers to explore the continent and discover its natural resources.

The Gods and Kings DLC added so much to the beginning and middle of the game by including religion as a factor. Brave New World promises to focus on the middle to end parts of the game, meaning that if you combine the DLC you will be adding much more to your overall gameplay. Dennis Shirk, senior producer for the Civilization 5 series, said the following about the DLC:

"We do a tremendous amount in response to community feedback, only because once the game is out — especially a game with as many layers and the complexity of Civilization — it becomes very apparent where the weaknesses are in a game," 

"A culture victory was challenging before; it wasn't nearly as engaging or interesting. It was basically a very turtling strategy," 

I'm pretty excited for this DLC. It had me at "new DLC announced", but after hearing more about it I'm definitely going to be picking this one up.