EA Heading Towards 100% Digital Downloads

It seems that EA are embracing the future and are attempting to secure themselves as a leader in the fast approaching age. EA Games president Frank Gibeau has told Gamespot in a recent interview, while they strive to provide games in the traditional format through retail stores and chains, they will also be pressing digital downloads and are aiming to eventually make it their 100% form for game distribution in the near future. Gibeau said the following:

 "Retail is a great channel for us. We have great relationships with our partners there. At the same time, the ultimate relationship is the connection that we have with the gamer. If the gamer wants to get the game through a digital download and that's the best way for them to get it, that's what we're going to do. It has a lot of enhancements for our business. It allows us to keep more that we make. It allows us to do some really interesting things from a service level standpoint; we can be a lot more personalized with what we're doing," 

This is a surprising twist in the EA business plan. Will you be happy downloading all your games from Origin? Or is this a hint towards Sony’s recent purchase of Gaikai, the online streaming gaming service, adding to the already ongoing rumours that the console gaming industry is heading toward the cloud?