Assassin's Creed III + Liberation Official Trailer's and Gameplay

So here it is. The feature length trailer about Assassin's Creed! The information that hit yesterday was crazy. There will be sailing modes, close and long range combat, more enemies and more environments than ever before (Snow, Mountain, town, Lake, Forest and River to name a few.)! There will be hunting Included in the game play. Seems a little like Red Dead Redemption but it could work. Moving through trees is very swift and nice and the fighting style has greatly improved. Fighting 100s of troops by yourself looks great. Especially Spearing the target with your rifle.

Gameplay looks amazing, check it out!

Here is also the Assassin's Creed Liberation reveal trailer. Looks alright, PSVita inclusion seems wise! 

and here is the 360 view of your main character in ACIII:Liberation