Valve: Create your own movies/Team Fortress 2: Meet the Pyro

It's the last day of the Team Fortress 2 "Pyromania" update, and with it comes the ninth and final "Meet the Team" video. People get to take a look behind the mask and see the true mind of the Pyro. The trailer below shows the TF2: Meet the Pyro video.

It's the very end of the video that reveals Valve's big announcement: the release of its in-house movie-making software, Source Filmmaker.

Valve has used Source Filmmaker to create animated promotional and in-game videos, as seen in the "Meet the Team" series, Portal 2, and Left 4 Dead 2, among other games. Basically, if a game uses the Source engine, Source Filmmaker can make a movie out of it. If you've ever played Garry's Mod for hours on end to make a piece by piece movie, then this software is about to make your experience a million times easier. After having developed and tested the software for seven years, creating over 50 animated shorts, the team at Valve are now letting the public use it for their own twisted uses!

Valve designer Bay Raitt explains the goal of Source Filmmaker is to simplify the normally complex process of creating cinematics. Would-be movie producers can shoot a scene played in a Source engine game, such as Team Fortress 2, then use the software to change camera angles, add in new characters and items, and adjust the lighting and effects to their heart's content. Complex facial expressions and lip-synching are also part of the package.

The software is currently in closed beta, which you can apply to be a part of on their website. Valve promises to release the software to all users "soon". The package will be available on steam, so make sure you keep an eye on our new calendar for the release date!