WiiU Pricing

When the 3DS went on sale back in March 2011, people lashed out at Nintendo claiming that the 3DS was over priced and for the most part they were right. For a handheld gaming device, it was pricey, leading to sluggish initial sales. That's why Nintendo cut the handheld's price shortly after its release. Nintendo doesn't want to repeat that mistake again.

In an interview with a Japanese newspaper, Nintendo president Satoru Iwata said that he doesn't want gamers to feel like if they waited to buy the WiiU, the console would get cheaper. Which makes it sound like Nintendo will be pricing the WiiU competitively at launch. Amazon.de has relisted the WiiU at a very reasonable €349 if this is anywhere near the true launch price we can be assured that the WiiU will be very popular this Christmas

This is good news for the hard-core Nintendo fans.