Reasons to get excited for Star Wars 1313

The Original Trilogy

If you've seen the only piece of art released for the game, then you might already know that 1313 takes place in the beloved, original trilogy era as revealed by the Tie Fighters and the Imperial shuttle. 

No Jedi

Jedi are kind of everywhere at this point, so it’s a refreshing change to see them taking a side role in 1313. Jedi have been the main figures of the Star Wars universe and most popular characters, but so many games focus on their struggles, pitting you as one of the iconic Force-wielding characters. What better way to bring Star Wars fans back into the fold than focusing the story around a lesser known part of the political hub of the Star Wars universe, Coruscant. 1313 represents a level deep beneath the surface, a place where the Force doesn't exist, the Jedi don't inhabit, and only the most dubious characters reside. Exciting times we hope.

Bounty Hunters

Flamethrowers, Jetpacks, Grappling hooks, Bounty hunters have access to some pretty cool gadgets within the Star Wars universe. Since the focus of 1313 is on the morally questionable figures, LucasArts wants you to experience every facet of their lives, including the cool gadgets and the trouble that comes along with them.

Next-Generation Visuals

1313 runs on a heavily modified version of the Unreal 3 engine. The game already looks fantastic. The lighting and character models and their animation are all incredibly impressive and serve as a great example of what games could look like when the next generation of consoles arrive.

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