Assassin's Creed III Details Emerge

The game is set for an October 30th release date. To add to the ever growing deluge of features, abilities and levels this game offers, several more details emerged this week that may interest fans:


  • The impressive and, for KJBcast, controversial sailing sequences will neither be on the rails nor a once off occurance. Not only will players be able to exert full control over their ships, there is much more saling content than the one assassination contract that will involve a ship. Creative director Alex Hutchinson estimates "several hours" worth of exploration and gameplay will be included.
  • New control scheme. For a new look Creed, the control scheme is being shaken up. In ACIII, the top button is dedicated to tools such as smoke bombs and other items, while combat is dedicated X or square, depending on your console.
  • You won't be able to depend on a flock os Assassin-lings to take out enemies for you. While the locals can be brought in to aid you in certain circumstances, it will be a lot different and less omnipresent than the assassin backup from Brotherhood and Revalations.
  • With and expanded world comes expanded quests. Not only will there be plenty to do in the North American fronteir (unlike the Tuscany of ACII), you'll be given a quest log to keep track of side jobs that Conor will encounter. 
  • Desmond Miles is definatly back. Hutchinson had this much to say: "People who don't like Desmond are going to be pleasantly surprised." No other details about the modern-day protagonist have been so far revealed.

Stick with us for more ACIII news as we get it!