TimeSplitters 4?

Back in April, the folks at Crytek UK stated that they wouldn’t be making a fourth installment in the franchise. When we covered this on the podcast there were a lot of upset people! However, in a recent interview, Crytek’s CEO, Cevat Yerli,statedthe company’s current view towards the game:

I’ve been asked this question internally and I said, ‘how can we do a Kickstarter? It wouldn’t feel right.’ I suppose if someone really, really wanted to…

I guess the other issue is this; the reality also is we’re quite a large company, but also we have capacity limits and we don’t want to hire 15 people just to do this game. Kickstarter is a concept we thought about seriously… we’ll see. Time will tell.

So this is potentially good news for Timesplitters fans! We could be about to see something amazing happen. However, he went on to say:

To be brutally honest… I’d set the goal at 2,000,000.

If you can get that many people who are willing to press a button for a free game, then it looks like a going concern.

If it’s a few thousand people, then what kind of message do you think that conveys to potential publishers and the current developer who owns the IP?

Working on the three TimeSplitters games was pure joy. I’m flattered that people consider it a great game, and take the time to tell me that in emails, but…. it didn’t follow the popular crowd. it was different, it was very British in it’s humour, you got to shoot Elvis impersonators against ducks and a goldfish in a bowl… COD and Battlefield didn’t have any clowns or cowboys to my knowledge. [...]

When you are a publisher making annual updates of your po faced shooters… you can see how TS was seen as a bad smell in the office.. regardless of the fans who wanted to play something that was a step away from the crowd, they couldn’t market it… too many characters, too many locations, nobody is going to be able to market a game that can’t be pigeon holed narrowly described publisher friendly few words. […]

If I sound jaded…then it’s because I’ve wanted to make a new TimeSplitters since 2005… that was 7 years ago…. excuse my previous experiences of disappointment.

Is this just a ploy to get likes or is this a genuine concern? It seems like a clever marketing strategy to me, but still, go like the page and we could see the future of TimeSplitters! We'll keep you up to date on any further developements!