Microsoft Surface Details Released

So this morning the world was treated to Microsoft’s latest toy. CEO Steve Ballmer at a very impromptu press conference revealed the Microsoft surface. He brought two versions of the MS tab to show.




Surface for Windows RT

- Runs using the Nvidia Arm Processor, which isn’t exactly a bad processer.
- Supports Usb 2.0
- Will be available in 32GB or 64GB

Surface for Windows 8 Pro

- Will be making use of Intel’s new i5 Ivy Bridge, which supposedly offers the same great power and speed with reduced battery consumption.
- Supports Usb 3.0 capable of highspeed data transfers
- Comes with an Included stylus for writing and extra precision.
- And will be available in a whopping 64GB or 128GB

Both Models are going to be coming with 10.6-inch screen. They come with a built in kick stand and will be making use of a new case material Made from liquid metal magnesium giving it an anti-scratch while looking and feeling very sleek. Also shown during the press conference was the optional Mag Cover that protects the screen but when opened becomes a full Qwerty keyboard.

Steve went on to say that the Tabs will has access to all Windows Apps and get games via windows store, which shows great promise for future apps like SmartGlass. Is this finally something that can take on Apple? Although no pricing plan was revealed last night but Ballmer said that they would be priced competitively. With two offerings it looks like MS are going to try dominate both, the middle and upper markets.

This is looking amazing. Good job Microsoft!