The Amazing Spider-Man Pre-Order Bonus

Amazon are doing a special offer pre-order where you will get the one and only Stan Lee. True believers can't even believe this. Jack mentioned it on KJBcast a few weeks ago and it was kind of brushed off as a joke but here we are, a week from release and it is official. 

You get a special series of missions featuring Stan "The Man" Lee. The legendary comic creator will be webbing his way through the city, delivering witty banter in his signature style. Activision promises a special surprise at the end of the mission arc, perhaps something celebrating Spider-Man's 50th anniversary. Stan Lee will probably unveil himself as Mysterio or something but still, it'll be worth finding out! 

Meanwhile, at GameStop, you can get the Rhino as a pre-order bonus which will allow you to take the thick skinned villain on a rampage through the city. Regardless, we're excited! Any thoughts to share with us on the matter? Hit us up in the comments section.