Activision vs EA over Modern Warfare case concluded

Activision and EA have finally settled claims over the game series “Call of Duty: Modern Warfare”. The companies said at a hearing today that they will file a settlement agreement in court. The judge presiding over the case denied Activision’s request to delay a trial. 

Activision said in a May 9 regulatory filing that the damages claim of Jason West and Vince Zampella, the developers of “Modern Warfare” whom the company fired in 2010, has increased to more than $1 billion, from the $36 million the two sought in unpaid royalties when they first sued two years ago.

Zampella and West claim Activision strung them along with false promises of royalties and creative control so that they would complete the game that helped Activision leapfrog Electronic Arts as the biggest video-game publisher. Activision countersued, naming Electronic Arts as a defendant and accusing the company of trying to pry the developers away while they were still under contract. To read our story on this click here