Crysis 3 Announced

As hinted at over the past week, Crytek and EA have finally announced Crysis 3. It’s locked for launch in the spring of 2013. Powered by the company’s CryEngine 3, Crysis 3 grounds itself in jungle-covered New York City, with players exploring the game as Prophet from the previous Crysis games. The city itself has been encased in a giant dome, and is overgrown with trees and wildlife.

There are seven main themes for you to explore in NY (known as the “Seven Wonders”). As you make your way through the Big Apple, you’ll seek to uncover the truth behind the dome and its purpose – using new weaponry. This includes an all new compound bow, which has been teased numerously over the past few days. The trailer will be released later this week! Keep your eyes peeled, folks.