Big Hero 6: Why we all need a Big Hero

PG  102mins

Director: Don Hall, Chris Williams

Starring:  Ryan Potter, Scott Adsit, Jamie Chung

Plot: The special bond that develops between plus-sized inflatable robot Baymax, and prodigy Hiro Hamada, who team up with a group of friends to form a band of high-tech heroes.

Review: The film opens with robots battling in an arena to the end and as the camera pans out we see it's actually a back alley robot fight club with shady characters and hustlers betting on the matches. The battle is won by a mean looking robot who has decimated his last opponent and in steps the new challenger, 14 year old Hiro Hamada (Ryan Potter) with his rather quite pathetic looking robot. He is almost laughed out of the arena until he brings out a stash of money and so the fight begins. With Hiro's back street illegal gambling getting him into trouble his brother Tadashi (Daniel Henney) has to rescue him which still ends up with them in trouble. Hiro is a fourteen year old genius that like many other teenagers don't know what they are doing with their life.

That is until Tadashi takes Hiro to the San Fransokyo Robotics college where he along with fellow students and friends create the tech of the future. Suddenly the world doesn't seem so boring and dull for Hiro, this new found reason prompts Hiro to take part in the college expo where he displays his new creation in order to win a scholarship. During his time visiting the college with his brother Tadashi introduces him to his own creation, Baymax. Baymax is a personal healthcare companion who activates to the word "Ow" or "Ouch", he then assesses the vitals and needs of the injured person and duly administers the required healthcare. But Baymax along with Hiro and a few friends will become much more than they ever thought possible.

Big Hero 6 has been created masterfully by the same creators that brought us Wreck it Ralph and 2013's smash hit Frozen, and just like with those films Big Hero 6 brings every type of emotion to the table and not just for kids either. I will admit that I was thoroughly looking forward to this which also worried me that it would not live up to my expectation but I had nothing to worry about. Just like with Wreck it Ralph and Frozen the story is fun and with lots of excitement and it is very important to have that, especially as for a kids film you need to keep them excited and filled with wonderment as well as making it relatable. This is where I think these films have cracked it.

For anyone that has seen the aforementioned films you will know that with all the laughs and comedy there is also that moment where you have no other choice but to feel the emotions that the characters feel, ok it may not set you to tears but you definitely felt it and that is the beauty of it. I took my daughter with me as I do to most kids films and it was interesting that without any words I could see how she was feeling from her reactions and that is only possible because of the brilliant way in which these films are made, there were the moments she felt sad and happy but also the moments of throwing the fist in the air with a massive "YEAH". Any film that manages to capture the complexities of human emotions and make you feel exactly as they do is by far the best type there is. As for visually it is superb, from it's highly stylised neon look of San Fransokyo (After a quake in San Francisco with half the population being Asian it was rebuilt and renamed to show the collaboration between the cultures) all the way to it's more complex robots. There are errors and most of which will pass you by but there is quite a staggering error in the final scenes however if you have enjoyed the rest of the film as much as I did or you just don't think about those types of things you should be ok.

If you have kids go see it, if you don't have kids go see it. Sure, go and see it twenty times because I think even after that you will still feel the wonder. Also as usual with Marvel associated films, stay till the end credits for the extra scene        ***** 5 Stars 


***** 5 stars "Take my money and show me again!"

**** 4 stars "I'll see that again when it comes out to buy"

*** 3 stars "I'll buy it and watch it when it's in the bargain bin"

** 2 stars "I may watch it again sometime"

* 1 star "This is why I'm glad for memory loss"

No star "Don't even bother"