Ant-Man Internation Trailer

It's meer weeks until we can finally see Ant-Man. In this trailer we see a Japanese commercial (with English scenes) that show off some of the combat, story and back story of the characters. There's even an Iron Man reference, just to make it all the more interesting. 

There’s a bunch of new footage in this trailer, but overall the emphasis in on definitely on the importance of family in this story. Paul Rudd’s Scott Lang is a reformed master thief trying to go straight, with an estranged wife and young daughter he wants to take care of. The Baskin-Robbins job appears to be his attempt to stay on the straight and narrow and keep his nose clean, though as you can see with him breaking into a safe, that likely won’t last long.

This trailer also adds a bit of clarification to Ant-Man plot as we know it. 40 years ago Hank Pym created the technology to allow users to shrink in size while increasing in strength. His assistant Darren Cross is obsessed with recreating Pym’s work. He plans to weaponize it and use it for war. It’s up to Scott to steal this tech to make sure it doesn’t fall into the wrong hand and cause irreparable damage to the world ad we know it. 

There is a scene where Hope Van Dyne is looking at the Yellow Jacket suit, which could imply her becoming Wasp, which has been theorised by fans since the announcement of Ant-Man. 

Ant-Man is release on July 17th this year.